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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Morning On The Water Looking For Owls

On a slightly foggy day on Blue Cypress Lake in Vero Beach we set out at daylight to hopefully capture some breeding behavior of the Barred Owl. We tucked into the first cove and began to listen for our subjects to grace us with their song. It did not take long and the pair were out to greet us. The owls have already paired up for breeding and nesting will soon begin. As to not pressure the birds, we only spent about ten minutes with each pair before we moved on.

I was accompanied this morning by Arnold Dubin and his friend Susan. We all agreed that the guide and photographer that took us out this day was top notch. Ron Bielefeld from really knows how to put you on these birds for the best images. We all agreed that this will not be our last trip with Ron.
Arnold Dubin 

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