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Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter. -Ansel Adams

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Friday, July 4, 2014

As seen on Laurie Excell Blog

Viera Wetlands AM

We awoke early and headed to Viera Wetlands for a quick morning shoot before heading back to St Pete. As we arrived the fog was lifting as the sun burned through giving the scene a mystical look. Wanting to emphasize the feel, I used NIK color Efex Pro 3.0 Midnight to finish the image…
While we were photographing my friend Robert Wicker, who volunteers at the wetlands, arrived to take us to a couple of his favorite locations. He knew of a spot where there were White Pelicans. In addition to their feet and bills becoming more colorful, the males “grow” a bump (“nuptial tubercle) on their bill which they shed after mating. This male was a particularly nice example in breeding plumage…
When the pelicans go into a feeding frenzy, the Cormorants move in to feed on the fish as well giving us some great opportunities for flight shots…
A pair of Great Blue Herons were there and whenever one of the woodstorks came too close he would raise his wings and his head in a territorial display and chase them away…
I was watching an American Coot as it was feeding nearby noticing that each time it dipped it’s head under water it would make circles. I liked the simple pattern…
All too soon the morning was over and it was time to head back to St Pete where I will be photographing with a great group of eager photographers this week. Stay tuned.
Images created with Nikon D3S, AF-S 70-200mm 2.8 VR II, AF-S 600mm f4 VR, TC-14E II on Lexar digital media

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recreate Looks of Time-Honored Darkroom Processes and Renowned Black and White Photographers on the iPhone and iPad

onOne Software Announces First Mobile Photo Effects App: 
Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad

Portland, OR – April 17, 2013 – onOne Software, Inc.,

the leading developer and provider of photo effects for everyone, has announced Perfect B&W for iPhone 
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Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad gives users the ability to create and share 
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The one-tap presets in Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad let you instantly get the looks of such renowned photographers such as Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson, add the clarity and sharpness of HDR images, infuse the romance of vintage Hollywood, and more. They match
presets available in onOne Software’s desktop version of Perfect B&W, letting users create the same look for their photos, regardless of the device. For mobile photographers who want finer
control, Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad has advanced options for adding or adjusting glows, sharpening, toners, vignettes and more. Once a user has dialed in that special look, it can be saved as a preset that can be used again and again.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this new app,” said Craig Keudell, president of onOne
Software. “It allows simply anyone who loves to snap pictures with their iPhones and iPads the
ability to create beautiful black and white images, a craft that was once limited to trained and
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effects to images that are as stunning as those created with our desktop photo effects software.” onOne Software Announces First Mobile Photo Effects App: Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad Key Features of Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad • One-Tap Presets: Start with a collection of 18 presets that mimic classic black-and white photo techniques and toning processes. These presets can be previewed and applied on an image taken with the built-in camera, or instantly added to an image from the Camera Roll with a single tap. These presets match ones also found in onOne Software’s desktop version of Perfect B&W, making it easy for users to get the same styling, whether they’re on their iPhone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer.

• Advanced Adjustment Controls: Users can create their own monochromatic look with
touch-sliders that adjust levels of brightness, contrast and detail; add the effect of color
filters; replicate the look of sepia, copper, cyanotype, and selenium toners; and add grain,
glow, vignettes, and more.

• Save a Personal Preset: If a user makes personal adjustments to an existing preset or
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• In-App Camera: The convenient built-in camera integrates essential iOS camera tools,
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standard and front-facing cameras. The app also includes the following features to help
improve composition and image capture:
o Live Preview: See your scene on your screen in black and white so you can stylize it
on the spot. The Live Preview lets you see how a preset looks on your subject so you
can select your favorite look before you even fire.
o Rule of Thirds Grid: Select to show a 3x3 grid on your screen while you’re shooting
so you can align your shot and create the right composition.

o Shooting Modes: Choose between the Single Shot and Continuous Shooting modes.
The Single Shot lets you take a picture and immediately start editing, while the onOne Software Announces First Mobile Photo Effects App: Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad
Continuous Shooting mode lets you capture multiple shots, so you don’t miss a photo

o Auto Save Color: You can also keep a color version of each picture you take. Both
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• Social Media Sharing: Share your black and white masterpiece with friends, family, and
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Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad will be available on the Apple App Store in mid-April. It will
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About onOne Software
onOne Software, Inc., is a leading developer of photo effects software and apps for anyone who
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onOne Software solutions include a range of easy-to-use desktop standalone applications; plugin software for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Lightroom, and Apple
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Founded in 2005, onOne  
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Point of View- Low Angle

Before photographing your subject, take time to think about where you will shoot it from. Our viewpoint has a massive impact on the composition of our photo, and as a result it can greatly affect the message that the shot conveys. Rather than just shooting from eye level, consider photographing from high above, down at ground level, from the side, from the back, from a long way away, from very close up, and so on.

Below is an example of how to improve your photo with a different viewpoint:

These images above are shot from the prone position allowing a lower point of view. When shooting animals this is a popular position as it adds strength to the subject. I like to use my Puffin Pad to support the lens and I think I have used it  in every possible position. I do not go shooting without my Puffin Pad. Puffin Pads are available from SGA Imaging or Hunt's Photo and Video.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take Action

FWC Route Map

The Florida Wildlife Corridor project is a collaborative vision to connect remaining natural lands, waters, working farms and ranches from the Everglades to Georgia, protecting a functional ecological corridor for the health of people, wildlife and watersheds.

Florida Wildlife Corridor Goals:

  • Protect and restore habitat and migration corridors essential for the survival of Florida’s diverse wildlife, including wide-ranging panthers, black bears and other native species
  • Restore water flow to the Everglades and sustain water supply to southern Florida
  • Continue to safeguard the St. Johns River and water supply for central and north Florida
  • Sustain the food production, economies and cultural legacies of working ranches and farms within the corridor
  • Bolster local economies through increased opportunities such as hunting, fishing, birdwatching and other forms of eco-tourism
  • Give wildlife and plants room to adapt to a changing climate and sea level rise

Friday, February 1, 2013

New for 2013! ACW Photographic Workshop Series

Our pledge to you is to offer the best workshop experience with the most talented leaders in the industry.

We'll leave our egos at home and cater to what your individual photographic needs are with professionalism, generosity and good humor!

Our instructors and leaders are not only passionate about photography, but also equally passionate about teaching and sharing their photographic knowledge and life experiences with you.

We only offer workshops run by instructors who possess unwavering patience, determination and good humor to ensure an educational and enjoyable photographic adventure for everyone in attendance!

Join us, Robert Wicker and special guest instructor to experience one of the most majestic and amazing wildlife spectacles in North America. We are talking about Bosque del Apache, where you will find over 10,000 sandhill cranes, over 20,000 snow geese for their fall migration. Renown for the "Blast offs" of tens of thousands of birds in the morning, Bosque del Apache is one place you MUST experience.

Robert will guide you in making the most amazing images you can imagine. If you are a wildlife and/or nature photographer this workshop will inspire you.

Bosque is not only about the cranes and geese, there is lots of other wildlife on the refuge but one of the often overlooked aspects of the refuge is the spectacular landscape.

While the cranes and geese with the stars of the show, Robert will provide instruction and shooting opportunities on HDR, Panoramic Photography, and Wildlife Photography. 

Don't miss this once in a lifetime trip. We are deliberately keeping the group small and the costs affordable so make sure to sign-up as soon as possible.

ACW's Photography Workshops are designed to take you to some of the best places in the world and to teach you how to make technically great images with a fine art flair.