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Friday, November 12, 2010

And You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day

One Day you are the king frog and the next you are the meal. This Great Blue Heron was displaying it's catch in cell 1 at the Viera Wetlands. It was an adventure this evening as I am trying out the Canon 800mm f5.6 lens ($12,000.). I was able to capture a few unique images that would not be the same with my 300mm f4 ($1600.). 

This Otter was kicking back after a tough day of scouting and hunting. They have a real personality once they trust you. River otters forage alone or in pairs. They are active during the day and at night, hunting in streams, rivers and ponds for fish, crayfish and turtles. Otters have a high metabolic rate, an adaptation for living in an aquatic environment where body heat is rapidly lost. They need to eat 15% of their body weight a day.

 I also found this Pie-Billed Grebe trying out the Fu Manchu Frogstache. I have to admit I was traveling alone laughing my head off. If the men in the white suits would have seen me they would have taken me away, HA HA.

Last but not least, the Sora.  Although Soras are more often heard than seen, they are sometimes seen walking near open water. They are fairly common, despite a decrease in suitable habitat in recent times. The call is a slow whistled ker-whee, or a descending whinny.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Photos! Hopefully I'll see you at the next Viera Wetlands meeting!